Feb 25 – Low Back Pain

There are 3 specific pains that can send me to the ER.

  1. Headaches – these are bad – narcotics don’t touch them – they usually only relieved by an IV cocktail of steroids, benedryl and a couple other meds.
  2. Neck pain and stiffness – while this is typically accompanied by a headache, it is very different from the solo head pain and usually resolves with pain meds and muscle relaxers.
  3. Low back pain and muscle spasms – if you’ve ever had low back pain you know the impossible, immoveable feeling of helplessness – you can’t move, you can’t breathe, you’re afraid to even blink so you just close your eyes and remain motionless until the intensity weakens and you can get yourself into a more comfortable position to allow the muscles to relax just a little.

Last night I was laying in bed when the low back pain kicked in like a bolt of lightning. I had been feeling some stiffness throughout the day, but nothing that concerned me. If I am very careful, it remains fairly calm – one ever so slightly wrong move, a cough, a sneeze, a twitch and BAM! The lightning strikes again and we start the process of calming the muscles all over again.

So today, I lay motionless in bed attempting to avoid yet another trip to the ER.

In His Grip


One thought on “Feb 25 – Low Back Pain

  1. Shawn, I’m so sorry! I have been struggling with low back pain too, but not as bad as what you described. But, I’ve done a lot of sobbing in the midst of it. I want so much to do more, but I never know what I’m going to feel like day to day, so can’t commit to anything. I want to get a small job, and on good days I feel like I could swing it, but on the bad days there’s no way. I guess when a good day comes I jump the gun with hopefulness and start making plans much too quickly. But, being at home alone so much makes me crazy – it’s hard on me psychologically. If I could get out, I think it would help, plus, the extra income would be a huge help. I never know what might cause the next flare, though. They seem to come out of nowhere – the last two times the only thing I remember was that I did a little bit of physical activity..nothing strenuous. It’s like now I’m scared even to take a walk.
    I will remember you in my prayers!


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