About 8 years ago, one of our horses was injured and needed daily medication, which included shots twice a day. Guess what – doctors don’t come give shots to horses twice a day. They leave the medication with the horse’s owner, who then gives the horse the shot.

So – I pulled up my big girl pants and gave that horse his first shot! I was so scared – I’m not sure why, it’s a small needle. I guess I thought he would rear up and kick me in the head. He didn’t – but he sure didn’t like it. It didn’t take long for him to realize I was the one who was going to stab him in the neck – he would see me coming and would back up, raising his head high as if to tell me, “No way, girl, you aren’t touching me today!”

We got through it. The course of shots ended and he eventually stopped hating me.

Now, I am getting shots at home. B12 shots to be exact. Initially, a friend of ours in the nursing industry was sweet enough to do it for me. She wasn’t available one day so my husband agreed to try to do it. He did a great job, but I could tell by the look on his face and the grunting and moaning that accompanied the event that he was a little uneasy about doing it. I understood exactly how he felt – after all, it’s not many situations where the victim of the stabbing doesn’t fight back! But we got through the first shot. And the second. And several more.

We forgot to do it this morning before he left for work. So, I mustered up a little courage and…

Pulled my down big girl pants and gave myself the shot!

Going to bed to pass out now. Have a beautiful afternoon!



One thought on “Shots!

  1. Awe Shawn my heart breaks for both you and Jordie every time I hear about what you are going through! I love you and hate like heck that you are going through this, and that most doctors haven’t a clue! Praying for you every day!


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