Waiting for Positive

I was sharing a video with my husband last night made by a guy whose wife had been sick for several years with an unknown illness. She suffered so much – enduring severe pain that would cause her to pass out. Lots of tests provided no answers. Doctors told them that her symptoms were psychological because there was no scientific evidence proving otherwise.

After a couple of years of unforgiving torture, new bloodwork done by a Lyme specialist came back positive. As we looked at those words, we smiled and said “right on”.

To most people, diagnostic tests that come back positive bring disappointment and fear. To those who have lived with chronic illness for any length of time, it does the opposite. Positive means solutions. Positive means treatment. Positive means hope.

We have been waiting for new bloodwork to come back. We get the results this coming Friday. We are praying to hear our doctor say that beautiful word – POSITIVE. Negative will not discourage us, it will just mean that we will take the next step in diagnosis – but positive will provide us specific direction for treatment.

We fully believe we will eventually see a POSITIVE Lyme result. Until we do, we are faithfully waiting on the Lord.

In His Grip


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