Friendship is good for the soul

Today I was visited by a very sweet friend who made me feel a little bit normal for a little while. I never forget the pain and numbness, but somehow, there are times when things feel a little more normal than others. That was my time with her. She made me laugh so much – she just sat and talked with me like I was normal. She asked questions and she listened to me tell my story – but she didn’t look at me with pitiful eyes…it was just like we were talking about everyday stuff. And I gotta say – it gave me a little boost of energy and a lift of my spirits.

Of course as soon as she left, I fell into bed and took a 3 hour nap! But that’s beside the point.

I guess the message I want to convey is this: if you know someone with chronic illness, don’t treat them with kid gloves – don’t pity them – don’t look at them like they’re weird. Just talk to them – and let them talk – as if they were normal…because they are – they just happen to be a sick kind of normal.

Treating them as if they are normal also doesn’t mean ignoring the sickness. It’s real – and it’s the one thing that is constantly around – so talk about it. You don’t have to fix it – you don’t have to find a solution – just don’t be afraid of it. It’s an everyday part of life and even though we try to hide it, we still want to know that you care enough to try to understand it.

So – thank you friend for trying to understand, and for making me laugh and forget (even for just a few seconds) that I am sick.

In His Grip


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