One Good Day

Friday.  Yes, Friday was a good day.  Don’t get me wrong – emotionally, spiritually, and usually mentally, most days are good.  But physically – well, that’s a different story.  If you’ve read my previous posts, you know the pain and weakness I suffer on a daily basis.  But I wonder how many people really understand the true blessing of a simple, uneventful day.  The last 2 years have provided very few of these – and Friday was one.

I’ve become accustomed to discomfort.  A good day, one where I’m out of bed and able to accomplish small tasks like a few loads of laundry, dishes, making dinner, and such, a day that might seem boring to others, has become a precious, treasured gift.

During the last month, I have been experiencing significant digestive troubles.  We took a short break from the IV antibiotics and focused on detoxing for a bit.  Just when we thought we had it under control, it got worse.  After two days of vomiting and not being able to keep even a sip of water down, we went to the ER.  We had been able to avoid ER visits by managing medications at home, but we were unable to get saline over the weekend so in we went.  2 liters of saline and a few rounds of IV anti-nausea meds brought the vomiting under control.  The nausea continued but became manageable and with some dietary changes, I have been able to eat and stay hydrated.

The doctor has taken me off all meds for a few weeks to let my body recover.  The challenge with that is that being on the antibiotics helps reduce my pain level.  So even though I have been feeling better, I have also been feeling worse.

Friday morning, I woke up with neck pain, a migraine type headache, low back pain, numb/tingly lips, arms, hands, legs and feet, stomach aching, face pain, and the general all over feeling of having a fever.   I took a pain cocktail (pain reliever, muscle relaxer, and Benadryl) which I reserve for only the highest levels of pain and have been taking twice a day for the last couple of weeks.   As the cocktail began to take effect, my energy level increased and for the first time in a long, long time, I started to make a mental list of things I wanted to do that day.  And you know what – I was actually able to accomplish most of them.

If you live with an invisible illness, such as lyme, lupus, MS, etc., you understand what I’m saying all too well and I want to encourage you to keep hope for good days!  They will come.  If you don’t have an illness of such, much of this is probably hard to comprehend.  I want to encourage you to take a day, any boring day, to appreciate the ability you have to get out of bed and have “a good day”.  This is not intended to make you feel bad – but is just a reminder not to take for granted the simple things in life.

God is still God.
God is still good.
To Him be the glory.

DID YOU KNOW:  Benadryl isn’t just for allergies.  In addition to relieving your hay fever, Benadryl is an effective, non-addictive sleep aid, helps to reduce inflammation and relieve pain, and has anti-nausea properties as well.  As with any medication, there can be negative side-effects, but if you need relief for any of the above issues, it is a good option to try!


2 thoughts on “One Good Day

  1. I so happy For you! I know how active you were before Lyme Disease took over. I’m so sorry you have had to go through this. I love you girlfriend and am happy for you on all your good days! You are right. God is good! He shines through you as you go through your health struggles and He is always with you!😃🌻🌻💐💐💐💐


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