LLMD: Not Your Normal Doctor

My LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) cracks me up. Well, he cracks himself up, which cracks me up.  When we first discovered my lead toxicity, he says “no wonder you’re so heavy” (not so funny to a woman who is at her heaviest weight ever, but he thought he was hilarious and THAT made me laugh).  Then yesterday he says “you’re not listening to the right radio station” (ha ha – get the lead out).  I’m guessing he keeps those in his back pocket for patients like me, the complicated ones.  But he genuinely thinks he’s funny.

What I like about him is that he is real. He doesn’t have all the answers to this complex puzzle, and he says so.  We just keep working on the next big issue.  No other medical practitioner would be able, or willing, to do this.  These guys, LLMDs, are the experts.  Not just in Lyme disease, but in anything and everything that might be connected.  With me, it’s been babesia, bartonella, viruses, SIBO (small intestine bacteria overload), mold & lead toxicity, and our current focus, other parasites as not previously diagnosed (which is just my smart mouth way of saying we don’t know exactly which parasites we are fighting).

But we are fighting. That’s what LLMD’s do – they find the enemy and they fight.  They are trained to look for “clues” that will help them identify the bad guy.  They are not just in the battle, they are in the war.  They beat down one enemy and they seek out the next.

Most medical doctors are taught to diagnose and treat based on specific guidelines that are primarily centered around test results. LLMD’s are taught to see past the obvious.  They are taught to listen to the patient.  They are taught to keep looking for answers, even when the paper doesn’t give clear cut direction.

They know that they don’t know. But they don’t stop looking for the enemy.

Never let a doctor stop fighting. If he doesn’t have answers and doesn’t continue to look, find a different doctor.  Keep looking until you find the one that keeps fighting.  You know your body.  There is always an answer.  Just keep looking.


One thought on “LLMD: Not Your Normal Doctor

  1. My LLMD is a treasure as well – he always tells a joke or a funny dog story at my appointments. Thank heaven’s for Lyme doctors!!

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