Treatment Update: Parasites

The mold treatment has been very effective.  My C4a levels dropped from 18,800 to just under 3,000 (not quite normal, but close enough for now).  I had a couple of pretty good weeks, followed by a massive crash that we believe is due in some part to parasitic overload.  I am continuing treatment for the mold, but our main focus has shifted to parasite destruction.

So this coming week, I will be starting an extensive parasite protocol.  I’m a little nervous because one of the medications has made me very sick in the past.  As I look at the long list of medications and the instructions on how to take them, I see 3 parts of the protocol – before (now sick and in pain), during (sicker and more pain), and after (I don’t know what that looks like, I hope it finds me with less sickness and pain).  Whatever the after part of the protocol brings, I am looking forward to it with hopeful expectation that I will be one step closer to being better.

I will also be starting chelation therapy for the lead poisoning in about a month. I am taking a break from the IV antibiotics for the next few weeks and will restart sometime in late May.

All of this is a little overwhelming and in all honesty, I’m a little scared, but I have hope. And hope is always good.


2 thoughts on “Treatment Update: Parasites

  1. Thank you for the update Shawn. You are in our prayers daily and also lifted up at the home fellowship weekly. Sorry I haven’t been over to see you. Hopefully I will be able to come over soon as things have finally settled down a bit. Hope is a wonderful thing! Love you, Connie

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