Update: June 28 2016

After stopping IV for a month, the pain became too difficult so we resumed 1 of the antibiotics. It has helped some, but I am still struggling with head, neck and back pain – among other miscellaneous issues.

Symptoms currently are more indicative of bartonella and babesia so those become the primary treatment focus.

John Hopkins recently did a study on using multiple IV abx to treat various tickborn diseases. It is showing some promise. So we are adding a new med to the current IV treatment and will add a third in a month or so.

Continuing the mold and lead treatments as well. 

I believe I am improving. I am certain of it. But it is a long, hard road and the end is not yet in sight. 

I am trying to take one day at a time and focusing on the things I am able to do, even if it is something as small as just eating a sandwich. It’s hard to stay positive but I refuse to stay down.  I often remind myself, “it’s ok to have a pity party, just don’t unpack and live there.”

God is still God.

God is still good.

To Him be the glory.


11 thoughts on “Update: June 28 2016

    • It’s so slow and sometimes I feel like I am going backwards. But if I look at where I was 2 years ago – basically bedridden, constantly in the ER – there is definite improvement. Not completely convinced the meds aren’t just masking the symptoms. But staying hopeful and pushing forward! All we can do.


  1. wondering if your insurance covers the iv? I am currently only using natural treatments right now. we may introduce antibiotics when my immune system restores. hope you heal quickly.

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    • The prescription insurance is covering the IV. For a long time, I went through Dollar Drug in Santa Rosa, ca. I paid up front and then sent claims into the ins. They break it down individually so it can be paid as medication and not as a treatment.

      I just started using Premier. They do all the billing for me up front. They checked with both major medical and prescription insurance and found that I have met my out of pocket on Rx so it is covered 100%.

      I hate telling people that because I know so many people who haven’t been able to get anything covered and I feel blessed beyond measure that I am getting such amazing treatment.

      I’m glad you are preparing your body for Abx. It was definitely hard on my system – we built up by doing oral first, then injection, and now I have been on IV a little over a year. I do a lot of detox and my doc makes sure I take supplements that help my body handle whatever treatment in on at the time. I feel like I handle the treatments better now…I used to get massive pain during infusions, still get pain but not as bad and I feel better on them than off.

      It’s a long process and it’s hard to be patient.

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      • do not feel bad! that’s great! I have no idea at this point if insurance will cover anything. I’m not there yet. everyones Lyme treatment is different and not much is covered. I am really happy to hear that it is covered for you and was thinking about down the road if what I am doing currently fails. thank you!


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