Update: July 22 2016

At my last in office appt my doctor told us about a recent study at John Hopkins which combines multiple IV abx to attack various forms of Lyme.

Doxy is a key one but I was on that last year and I did not tolerate it so that’s out. I’ve been on rocephin for a while – so we added cubicin to the rocephin. I had the typical for me 3 decent days followed by a bad herx reaction. Since then, I have had pain, weakness, insomnia, fatigue, digestive issues, numbness and tingling, etc etc. – not horrible, but it has been difficult to function, spending most of my time in bed.

Today I had a phone appt with the doc, who is concerned that my muscle pain may be due to the cubicin. Having lab work done today to rule that out. If that is ok we will be adding a 3rd IV – minocycline. All told, these will take about 5 hours a day – 5 days a week. 

It is expected that mino will make me dizzy and that the combo will make me feel even worse than I do now. 

Hopeful I can tolerate it all. Praying my family will tolerate me (ha ha). 

If it all sounds awful – it is. But through it all, we are choosing to take it for what it is and looking to the amazing life we have. God has provided in amazing ways and we just continue to be in awe of His faithfulness and love.

God is still God.
God is still good.
I will praise Him.


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