Why Do I Blog?

My cousin friend shared her heart with me last night about the difficulties of reading my posts because it’s hard to read, to know, what I live thru. Her words of love and compassion hit me so deeply and made me think about the people who read my blog.

I’ve never given any thought to the impact my posts might have on the reader. I usually write from my heart and about things I want people to know. 

So today I want you to know why I blog (I’m not sure I can genuinely call it a blog since I don’t post every day, but oh well).  For all these reasons, my heart is blessed that you are reading this. 
1.) To connect with and encourage other lymies

When I first started to think I might have Lyme, I scoured the internet looking for posts from people who had been thru this. I wanted to know what to expect. I found that most people didn’t write much about their actual day to day experience. It’s hard to be transparent about the realities these diseases. But I feel it is important for other people who are starting this journey to know that 1 – they are not alone, and 2 – it is a hard road but there is hope.

2.) To raise awareness

I remember well the times I found ticks on me. I was scared because I knew that if a bullseye rash appeared, I would need treatment. But that’s all I knew. And that’s not the whole story.

Yes, if you get a bullseye rash, you need treatment. But many people become infected by tickborne disease a without ever seeing a bullseye rash. I am one of those.

I don’t want people to live in fear, but I hope people become knowledgable about the reality of ticks. I want people to learn how to prevent tick bites. And I want people to seek help if they have symptoms after a tick bite.

3.) To keep family and friends updated

People see me out of the house during my good moments. But those moments are few and far between and I want to be able to share what’s going on without having to get into the details of life when I see them face to face. 

4.) To share the good things God is doing in my world

This is hard. So hard. But there are so many good things in our world and I want people to know that the light in my world still shines brightly. 

I have a husband and children who love and care for me so incredibly well. God has provided for our every need in amazing ways and has filled our lives with indescribable joy. It’s impossible to spend too much time focused on self-pity when my heart is filled with gratitude. 

I pray that one day these diseases are eradicated. But I believe there is purpose to this illness. And I believe God will continue to be my strength during this time of weakness. 

In closing, let me just thank you for taking time out of your day to glimpse into my world. I hope you are blessed by my words, and I want you to know that you are a blessing to me.

In His Grip


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