When Life Gives You Lyme…

My artist daughter was working on a drawing when she accidentally spilled a little coffee on the paper. She quickly got up and grabbed a tissue to sop up the wetness. I felt bad for her, until she looked at the picture and simply said “texture”.

It’s the old lemonade adage lived out in art. She can’t fix the dark spot on the paper, but she can use it as part of the drawing. 

I try not to look at my illness as just a brown spot on my life. Yes, it sucks. And I’m sure I often come across pitiful in my writings. But I truly believe God has purpose in this illness. 

I may never fully understand the purpose.  Although I think I get to see glimpses.

  • It has brought our family closer together 
  • It’s given me the opportunity to educate others so they can avoid this experience
  • It has taught me to slow down and “enjoy the moment”
  • It has connected me with other lymies – wonderful people who I would not have known otherwise

It has given my life “texture“.  


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