Goals and Hope

My doctor is one of my biggest cheerleaders (next to my husband and kids).  Every time I see him he tells me “don’t give up hope”.  

I am learning that there is a huge difference between hope and goals.  A goal (in relation to my health) is simply improvement. This past weekend, I was in severe pain and throwing up. The goal then was to reduce pain and stop nausea. We changed the meds to accommodate that goal. By Tuesday, I had improved and even made a short trip to the grocery store. 

Today, I am feeling much better and am planning to attend bible study and perhaps do a little laundry. So today’s goals for health include taking all my meds at the right times (which can sometimes be a daunting task) with the hope that someday, I will be well.  

My hope for my health is healing.  This requires a series of short term goals be met. These goals include meds, but also rest. 

Rest can be hard to do. I am trying to think of it in terms of being a goal crucial to fulfilling my hope of healing.  I feel that when I can get up and put of bed, I should get things done! 

And so I do – no, I over-do. Which causes me to crash. Which resets my goals to simply reducing pain and stopping nausea. 
Goals are good.
Rest is a goal.
Hope is for healing.
We can do this.


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