Hansa Center for Optimum Health

After much deliberation, we chose Hansa Center for Optimum Health in Wichita, KS as the place I would come to detox and build my immune system.  We considered several places, including one in Chihuahua, Mexico that is similar in a lot of ways.  The short story on the decision is simply that this is where we felt God led us.

I flew out here yesterday and will be here for 13 days.

Today is Day 1 at the center and I admit that I came here a bit skeptical about some of the techniques and treatment protocols.  But I am pretty fascinated by how accurate the doctor was able to identify with what’s going on in my body.

Video: Hansa Center

These guys are not necessarily about identifying a specific illness (although they do recognize and understand Lyme and lots of other illnesses) or covering symptoms with “quick-fixes”.  Their goal is to get to the bottom of allll issues and address the root cause (for those of you familiar with human performance tools – you know how important this is) so they can then use various tools to address the root causes, which will give your body the ability to fix the problems.

The day started with Computerized Regulation Thermography (CRT) – a screening tool which helps identify physiological dysfunction through temperature changes for different organs and pathways.

I later met with my doctor who shared the results of the CRT along with a previously performed blood testing.  Laboratory blood test reference ranges are “usually defined as the set of values 95 percent of the normal population falls within (that is, 95% prediction interval)”.  That means that your specific result is being compared against healthy people as well as sick people!  These doctors look specifically at how your results compare to healthy people, with the goal of getting you to that point.

So – my CRT and blood tests basically showed all the things we already know – bacteria, parasites, fungus, metal toxicities, general toxicities, various organ dysfunctions, inflammation, etc etc etc.

Bio-Resonance Scanning (BRS) is another tool the doctor used to confirm diagnosis & treatment options.  This was a fascinating process – and the one that I was most skeptical about.  Long story short – I can’t explain it, but if you’re interested, I’ve added a link to a video below that does.  Anyway – hearing about it and going through it are two very different things.  I’m interested to follow this process while I’m here and see how the results coincide with the improvement I’m hopeful will be in store for me.

So after meeting with the doctor, he sent me off to start treatment.  He will be starting me on various supplements at some point – the cool thing about this is that he will tailor make each supplement specifically for me each day that I take them.  They do not believe supplements (or medications for that matter) are a one-size fits all thing.  For example – to address hormone imbalance, a doctor may just send you home with a specific dose of estrogen.  Well that’s great if you need that amount of estrogen today – but what if you need less estrogen tomorrow?  How do you know?  You don’t.  But these guys seem to be able to understand what your body needs right this minute – and that’s what they give you.  I like that.

So my treatments today included:

  • Bemer Vascular Therapy:  Increase microcirculation, improve quality of sleep, increase energy, reduce inflammation and pain, increase vitality and mental clarity
  • ST8 Lymphatic Therapy:  Increase lymph drainage & detox, boosts immune system and energy
  • Lux Light Therapy:  Reduce inflammation and pain, increase blood circulation, regulate energy flow, help heal (Also done with sound therapy to help mental acuity) – I was not a fan of this, my head hurt more and I felt yucky after this
  • Infrared Sauna:  Loosens toxins, helps lymph flow and blood circulation, builds immunity

Chairs for therapies are all anti-gravity (oh so comfortable!).  And they have a really cool water filter/purification system, special air purifiers and plenty of coffee and tea for you to enjoy (really good coffee and tea at that!)

So at the end of the day, back in my hotel room, my head still hurts and I’m achy and out of energy, but not bad considering I left here at 8am (which is normally pretty much impossible).

Tomorrow I return at 9am (after doing an at-home test for low stomach acid – yuck).

Video: Bio-Resonance Feedback



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