Hansa Day 2

Day 2 at Hansa was great! I had lots of energy and low pain.  Another long day – 9am to almost 5.  

Additions to the treatment included the PowerPlate (a vibration machine that assists with exercise and toning, I may have t invest in one of these cool things) and an hour long full body massage by a very talented therapist who has incredible knowledge and started out in sports therapy. 

Hansa has 2 floors and I kept forgetting things so I went upstairs )not using the elevator) 6 times. This was an enormous feat for me!  

After the massage I went back to the hotel, and crashed.  All that stair climbing did me in – and well, honestly, it’s been years since I’ve been out of bed so long! 

That said – this is being written after lunch on day 3, because I was too tired to write last night. 

Today started out pretty slow.  I slept about 12 hours (not straight through, but still, it was good) and had a hard time getting up.  It was rough moving and I was pretty nauseated.  The doc said it was due to detox, and he gave me something to help bind the toxins so I don’t have such bad effects from it. What a concept! I’m still a little slow moving, but I feel better than I did this morning and am looking forward to the afternoon therapies.

I’ll be back later with a download of information from the doctor and a lunch video that sparked a lot of discussion in my head.


One thought on “Hansa Day 2

  1. I’m so impressed that you are doing this. I am praying for your healing and a new story in your life. That is uplifting and encouraging to think about. I love you Shawn, and wish I could hug you.


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