“Be Strong…”

As part of my illness, I am frequently nauseated. And occasionally, that nausea becomes severe and I will vomit. My husband, desperate to help me when this happens, researched tools to that could offer relief. He found that there are several pressure point in the body that connect to the stomach and can relieve nausea. Willing to try anything one particularly bad night, he rubbed a spot between the 2nd and 3rd toes and my nausea subsided. 

Up until that moment, I thought acupressure was ridiculous. In one split second, as my stomach calmed down, my mind shifted and I began to think “there is something to this”.

Yesterday, during my visit with the doc, my head was hurting on the back left side just above the cranial sacral. Doc saw that I was hurting and asked about it. (Actually, what he asked was if my head was hurting just on the left side or all the way across…how did he know?!?!)

He didn’t adjust my neck or rub my head…no, instead he lifted my left leg and applied pressure and stretched the fascia. And the pain in my head disappeared.

Fascia tissue runs throughout the  entire body covering muscle and organs and joints. In doing so, it connects those various parts of the body. This particular tissue runs from the bottom of the left foot, comes up the back of the leg, cuts over to the spine, runs up the back and neck and up over the skull to just above the eye. 

The pain in my head wasn’t direct pain. It was a symptom of tissue that was tight in my leg. 

Accupressure and acupuncture utilize this connectivity (as well as the conductivity of the tissue) to communicate from one part of the body to another. So that nausea can be diminished by rubbing a toe and a headache can be resolved by applying pressure to a calf.

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

Ephesians 6:10

Video: The Myth of Discipline


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