There’s No Place Like Home 

I’ve been home almost 3 weeks and I am still noticing good improvement.  I’m reluctant to say that because while it is true, I am improving,  I am also still very sick and still have a lot of symptoms.  

I have had good days these past few years where I think I am improving so I get up and get out of the house and do things, only to find myself back in bed after a day or two with high levels of pain and major digestive destruction. 
When I first became bedridden almost 4 years ago, my mind couldn’t accept the fact that I was too sick to get up.  I refused to believe that I would be home bound and disabled.  

Somewhere along the way, I have shifted my thinking and now it’s hard to conceive of the idea that I may get well.  It’s hard to believe that I am out of bed today and will likely be out of bed tomorrow as well.  That’s a concept that has been unattainable for 4 years, so why would I think it will be different now? 

But it is different now.  Since I have been home from Kansas, I have had some difficult days, but none as bad as the many days before treatment at Hansa.  

Being home with my family, I am seeing my world in a different light.  Just like Dorothy when she woke up after her visit to Oz, things feel different.  I have memories of a crazy time when the world just wasn’t right.  

We continue to pray for healing.  I’m not there quite yet – but I am hopeful for a future without sickness and pain…hope that perhaps had diminished over the recent years but hasn’t completely died out.

Dorothy was so right – there’s no place like home.


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