Mental Barriers (Doorways)

Have you ever walked through a doorway and forgotten why you went in there? Isn’t it frustrating?

Doorways are essentially dividers separating two rooms. While you are in a room, your mind is associating everything in that room (including your thoughts) into specific spaces in your brain. When you cross through a door, your mind begins to associate things in the new room with that room.

Sometimes your mind takes it a step further – not only does it organize the new room, it may also create a mental divider essentially blocking your last memory before you came through the door – so if your last thought was finding your car keys, walking through a doorway may cause you to forget what you were looking for.

It’s similar to reading a book and realizing you don’t remember the last few paragraphs. 

Memory barriers are a big challenge for me right now. It happens when I walk through a door, every door, every every time. 

It’s not just triggered by doorways. Anything that disrupts my thoughts will cause these brief “pauses”. 
For example, while writing this blog post, I keep Internet Explorer open so I can refer to various articles while I’m writing. Every time I switch to Internet Explorer, (every time!) a memory barrier pops up and I can’t remember why I switched. 

    “It’s as if the phrase instructs the brain’s video editor to insert a pause between memory episodes…”
    Dan DiSalvo, Forbes contributor

    You know you’re own body – you know when somethings not right. 

    If you have been seeing doctors for illness and continue to have symptoms of any kind, please consider seeing a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD).
    If it’s not Lyme, they will tell you that. But if it is Lyme, you need to get treatment early. Late stage Lyme is extremely difficult to treat. Many late stage lymies never get well. 
    I don’t know why these new symptoms are surfacing – but it doesn’t matter, we keep fighting, we never give up.

    It’s Not Over Yet
    (For King & Country)

    PS:  It’s Not Over Yet was written by a couple of brothers for their sister who is battling Lyme. 

    This life would kill me if I didn’t have these guys.


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