This is the last day of travel for a month or so. My first doctor appointment is Tuesday and I think my first treatment is Wednesday.

So we have a day to dial in life at our temporary home in Fort Myers.

We hope to do a little sightseeing in Florida, but the primary purpose is medical so how much will depend on the treatment. I know I’ll need down days.

I’ll be sharing info about the doctors visits and treatment here:

What I Like About Florida

We’ve only been in Florida a couple hundred miles but so far, this is the most well kept state.

The freeways are clean and well maintained, landscape is kept up, they protect wildlife from the freeway, and there are quite a few law enforcement vehicles out enforcing traffic laws. They even have road signs that tell you when there’s construction or just a vehicle with a flat tire on the side of the road.

Rest areas are super clean – they have night time security and signs to tell truckers how many parking spots are available.

Rest Area

People are happy here – we went to Walmart this morning, I’ve never seen such happy and nice workers.

It just feels like people care.

Hopefully it stays this way throughout the state!

Confederate Memorial Park

Near the corner of I-74 & I-4 stands a pole 139’ tall with a 60 x 80 flag. The confederate flag hung there for many years until threats of burning it came after the death of George Floyd.

The flag was lowered and eventually replaced with the Flag of the Confederate States.

Alafia River

Home for the Next While

Follow Our Adventure!

Hauser Neck Center (why were here)

Pompa Program

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