On Day 1, the doctor found 2 issues that he thought needed additional testing.

TMJ – this has been a problem for many years. My jaw gets out of joint and locked up. I wore a mouth guard designed to correct this for a year. It’s better, but still an issue.

Dr Hauser sent me home with a new mouth guard – but he also wanted another cone beam with the mouth guard to see how it improves the TMJ.

Vertebral vein – The doc also thought there might be something happening with my vertebral vein. So we did another sonogram just for that – sure enough, it gets pinched when I move certain directions. This causes reduced blood flow to the brain so I get dizzy, lightheaded, nauseated, etc.

Digital Motion X-Ray

The DMX is really cool. It is just what it says it is – a moving x-ray.


Foramina Narrowing

You can see in the diagrams below, there are holes or channels along the cervical vertebrae where veins and nerves run. When these channels are narrowed, the nerves and veins get pinched or have reduced flow.

With the DMX, the doctor can see not only where these channels get narrow, but also during which movements. if you do a still X-ray or mri, you won’t be able to see what happens when you move.

You can see some of the narrowing in mine below.

C1-C2 Alignment

The only way to see this is through an open mouth. You can see below how far my C1-C2 alignment is off compared to the first X-ray of normal alignment.

Procedure Tomorrow

Thursday at 12:30 EST, Dr Hauser will be injecting 60+ shots of prolotherapy into my neck. I have no clue how I’ll be after so if you don’t hear from me, don’t worry, I’ll check in when I can!

In the meantime – please pray for me!

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