The Need for a Caretaker

Sometimes being a caretaker is harder than being a patient. This role is one of the absolute most critical components to being sick comfortably. No - being sick is not comfortable. It’s hard. It’s almost unbearable at times. But it can become impossible without a solid support team. The head pain, body pain, weakness, frailty, … Continue reading The Need for a Caretaker


Fear Is A Liar

We all start out thinking this is temporary. We believe some doctor or potion will eventually get us back to the state of normalcy to which we have become accustomed. So when does that change? At what point during sickness do we shift to the mindset that it may not happen. And what causes that … Continue reading Fear Is A Liar


In the last 2 months, I’ve not had 5 full nights sleep.  Most nights I lay awake until 2 or 3 AM and sleep only a few  hours at a time. You change when you stop sleeping.  You don’t think clearly.  Your body doesn’t have the rest it needs to be able to regenerate so … Continue reading Insomnia