Mental Barriers (Doorways)

Have you ever walked through a doorway and forgotten why you went in there? Isn’t it frustrating? Doorways are essentially dividers separating two rooms. While you are in a room, your mind is associating everything in that room (including your thoughts) into specific spaces in your brain. When you cross through a door, your mind begins … Continue reading Mental Barriers (Doorways)



Every year, certain dates stand out as being particularly special, my kids birthdays, our anniversary, the day my husband asked me to marry him, Christmas - all special days that bring happy memories to the forefront of my mind.  July 10, while not necessarily a happy day, was a pivotal day in my history.  I … Continue reading Anniversaries

Worth Fighting For

It seem there has been a number of Lyme related deaths recently, mostly suicide. My heart hurts to know that so many people are in such despair that they choose death.  The trailer below spoke to my heart - particularly the last words:  Disappearing From Society Trailer


Are You Useless?

One of the hardest things about being sick is feeling useless.  You don't have to have a chronic illness to understand what I am saying.  If you've ever had a bad cold, the flu, a broken leg, a surgery, or any other impairment, then you know what it feels like to be unable to do … Continue reading Are You Useless?



Discourage:  to deprive of courage, hope, or confidence; dishearten; dispirit. Most days, I have great hope.  I don't have unreachable expectations that I will get well overnight. I don't even have expectations that I will be completely healed one day.  But I do have hope that I will continue to heal and improve.   Then … Continue reading Discouragement



Whack-a-mole is a fun game of trying to bop moles on the head with a mallet as they pop up from their various little holes.  It's not such a fun game when you are playing it with your health. Lyme disease - bartonellosis - babesiosis - and whatever other infections and conditions are floating around … Continue reading Whack-A-Mole


Goals and Hope

My doctor is one of my biggest cheerleaders (next to my husband and kids).  Every time I see him he tells me "don't give up hope".   I am learning that there is a huge difference between hope and goals.  A goal (in relation to my health) is simply improvement. This past weekend, I was … Continue reading Goals and Hope