Whack-a-mole is a fun game of trying to bop moles on the head with a mallet as they pop up from their various little holes.  It's not such a fun game when you are playing it with your health. Lyme disease - bartonellosis - babesiosis - and whatever other infections and conditions are floating around … Continue reading Whack-A-Mole


Why Is Lyme Disease Difficult to Diagnose?

I am often asked why traditional doctors have such a hard time recognizing and treating Lyme disease. Below is a link to an article about a Swedish doctor who has been suspended for doing just that.  The CDC recommends no more than 28 days of antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease. However studies have proven that … Continue reading Why Is Lyme Disease Difficult to Diagnose?

Parasite Protocol

One of the many infections that frequently accompany Lyme Disease are parasites.  It is what it is and so we must deal with it.  Yesterday was day 1 of a 6 week and 2 day protocol to eradicate the nasty, awful, horrible things that are eating away at my digestive system. The protocol looks like … Continue reading Parasite Protocol


Treatment Update: Parasites

The mold treatment has been very effective.  My C4a levels dropped from 18,800 to just under 3,000 (not quite normal, but close enough for now).  I had a couple of pretty good weeks, followed by a massive crash that we believe is due in some part to parasitic overload.  I am continuing treatment for the mold, but … Continue reading Treatment Update: Parasites


LLMD: Not Your Normal Doctor

My LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) cracks me up. Well, he cracks himself up, which cracks me up.  When we first discovered my lead toxicity, he says “no wonder you’re so heavy” (not so funny to a woman who is at her heaviest weight ever, but he thought he was hilarious and THAT made me … Continue reading LLMD: Not Your Normal Doctor


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good:  we have more answers and we have new treatments underway. The Bad:  I have levels of lead in my body that are (as my doctor puts it) "respectable" and as high as those who have been affected by the water contamination in Flint. The Ugly:  I have mycotoxin levels that are through the roof.  … Continue reading The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Hope Is Good

Not all Lyme disease is created equal.  And not all Lyme disease is only Lyme disease. There are those who get bitten by a tick, get a bullseye rash, get a fever, see a doctor, get a test that comes back positive, take 14 days of antibiotics and are cured. Most doctors outside of Connecticut … Continue reading Hope Is Good