There’s No Place Like HomeĀ 

I've been home almost 3 weeks and I am still noticing good improvement.  I'm reluctant to say that because while it is true, I am improving,  I am also still very sick and still have a lot of symptoms.   I have had good days these past few years where I think I am improving … Continue reading There’s No Place Like HomeĀ 


It’s What You Don’t Know

Today is my last day at the Hansa Center. I have such mixed emotions - I am so looking forward to being home with my family, but I'm also sad to leave a place that has helped me so much, especially since I'm still having some difficult symptoms. Last night was rough and I woke … Continue reading It’s What You Don’t Know


Probably my least favorite therapy so far is referred to here as "The LUX".  This particular treatment leaves me with a headache every time - and today was no different. There are actually two parts of this therapy. One is electronic gemstone therapy (like a spotlight with different colors).  Light (in this case, gem rays) … Continue reading Light