Dr Klinghardt

There is a free online seminar this week focused on chronic Lyme. There are 4 or 5 talks each day and I have been listening intently to each one, hoping something will resonate with me as a next step or something to add to my current treatment protocol.   Today's session included a conversation with … Continue reading Dr Klinghardt


Daryl Hall & Dr Horowitz Interview

Daryl Hall & Dr Horowitz Interview on Lyme Disease Even tho Daryl was sick only about a year before being diagnosed and starting treatment, he had a long road to recovery and continues to have flair ups.  Like I've said many times, every case of Lyme is different. I pray to be well one day … Continue reading Daryl Hall & Dr Horowitz Interview

Lyme Interview

If you are new to Lyme or just want a better understanding of the Lyme diagnosis and treatment challenges, this is a great interview with LLMD Dr. Steven Phillips and singer/songwriter Dana Parish. Dr. Phillips explains what Lyme is and the issues in the medical community and Dana discusses the challenges patients have with finding … Continue reading Lyme Interview


Lyme Disease: Did You Know?

Lyme disease is the fast growing vector-borne, infectious disease in the United States.  Surprised?  Many people I talk to have heard of lyme disease but really don't know anything about it.  So how is it possible that it is having such an enormous impact on the health of our country?  Here are some other facts … Continue reading Lyme Disease: Did You Know?


Mayday Protest

On May 22 and 23, Lyme disease supporters will be protesting in front of the IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America) building in Arlington, VA in an effort to raise awareness about chronic lyme disease and fight for those suffering with the disease to gain critical medical attention they need.  (For more information on the … Continue reading Mayday Protest