Lyme Disease Awareness Month

It's been a while since I've posted - honestly, I just haven't been sure what to say. Not much has changed (in the fact that I'm not much better, not much worse) and yet there has been a lot going on - I had a blood clot and had to have my picc line removed, … Continue reading Lyme Disease Awareness Month


Dr Klinghardt

There is a free online seminar this week focused on chronic Lyme. There are 4 or 5 talks each day and I have been listening intently to each one, hoping something will resonate with me as a next step or something to add to my current treatment protocol.   Today's session included a conversation with … Continue reading Dr Klinghardt

Lyme Interview

If you are new to Lyme or just want a better understanding of the Lyme diagnosis and treatment challenges, this is a great interview with LLMD Dr. Steven Phillips and singer/songwriter Dana Parish. Dr. Phillips explains what Lyme is and the issues in the medical community and Dana discusses the challenges patients have with finding … Continue reading Lyme Interview