The most significant damage from Lyme has been to my neck. The ligaments in my neck are loose – this is called Cervical Instability. It basically means my neck isn’t strong enough to hold up my head.

My doctors have referred me to specialists that do either extreme surgery (fusions) or insanely expensive regenerative treatment (one disk at a time).

In Gods perfect timing, He opened the door to The Hauser Neck Center at Caring Medical in Fort Myers, Florida.

The amazing thing about this center is that they don’t just treat parts and pieces – they treat the entire neck (they even do curve correction, which I desperately need).

Right now, I have a hard time being upright for more than a few hours. I wear a hard cervical collar frequently to help keep the weight off my spine. It helps, but I often still end up in bed with severe head and neck pain.

We believe this treatment will life changing. They have a 95% success rate with good candidates – and I am a good candidate. So at the risk of heartbreak if it doesn’t help, I’m going with full confidence that it will.

You can learn more in my posts below – or visit the Hauser Neck Center website.

Update – Prolotherapy #2

Yesterday we went back to barefoot beach and then saw Thor: Love and Thunder (good – big oh so cheesy!). I’m so grateful for days like that – where I can get out of the house and have some fun! There’s not been a lot of long days like this. And this one was pretty…

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6/23 – Prolotherapy #1

Well that’s a whole different experience! 70 shots in the neck. I don’t do neck shots well – my muscles rebel. So they gave me 2 Xanax, 2 Vicodin and nitrous. Not pleasant by any means, but I got through it! Now it’s a waiting game to see how much it affects me. Next procedure…

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6/22 – Hauser Neck Center Day 2

On Day 1, the doctor found 2 issues that he thought needed additional testing. TMJ – this has been a problem for many years. My jaw gets out of joint and locked up. I wore a mouth guard designed to correct this for a year. It’s better, but still an issue. Dr Hauser sent me…

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6/21 – Hauser Neck Center Day 1

I’ve been sick for 16 years – disabled for 9. It took 8 years and tons of testing to finally get a proper diagnosis and treatment. Since then, we’ve found that the delay in diagnosis left me with a significant amount of residual damage. The biggest problem area is my neck. I have cervical instability,…

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