Lyme & Other Tickborne Disease

In 2006, I had two tick bites. Working a few days, I developed a severe respiratory infection and seemingly unrelated back pain, followed by multiple rounds of bronchitis (and occasional pneumonia), ongoing low back pain, neck pain, gastrointestinal issues and debilitating fatigue.

In early 2013, I was prescribed penicillin for strep throat – 3 days later, I went to urgent care with severe neck and head pain…they sent me to the ER with potential meningitis. It wasn’t meningitis. Many years later, we learned I had a jarisch-herheimer (herx) reaction.

On July 10, 2013, life completely changed. I went to the ER that night with the most severe back pain I’d ever had. Two IV doses of dilaudid barely touched the pain. From that point on, I was mostly bedridden and used a wheelchair for years to come.

I saw over 30 doctors and had tons of blood tests (including 5 lyme tests came back negative).

It took 8 years to get diagnosed.

How can this happen in the United States of America?  How is it that doctors can know so much about this disease but misdiagnose me over and over – for 8 years?  

Doctors follow the guidelines as written by the CDC – they don’t just follow those guidelines, they abide by them as gospel truth.

The CDC is wrong.

I began writing this blog for 3 reasons:

  1. to educate people about the truths of lyme disease and the false belief that current testing and treatment is sufficient
  2. to give hope to others who are fighting an unknown illness
  3. to journal my experience with lyme & other tick disease

If you’re sick and you’re reading this – be encouraged! Life may be changed – but God has a purpose and a plan. And that plan is always, always, always good.

Current Progress:

I started a cellular detox program in May 2022. This involves major dietary changes (like it wasn’t restrictive enough already) and a focus on supporting the detox pathways (primarily liver, kidney, gut). For the first time, I feel like my body is getting what it really needs to survive. The diet changes are for life – I just feel better eating this way.

My husband and I took a trip across the country (via RV) to get prolotherapy (injections to encourage healing) and curve-correction treatments for my neck (I have cervical instability – which basically means the ligaments in my neck are not strong enough to hold up my head). We were in Florida for 2 months. These treatments were incredibly helpful and will continue to be an important staple for my healing. Learn More…

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